Tom at NIDA 1976. 
Graduation Brochure.
Tom 1980 Magazine unknown
TV Week July 24th 1982
TV Week 1982
TV Week 1985
Standard newspaper shot circa 1986
Dolly Magazine December 1986
Featured on this page are general publicity shots used over the years.  He gets cuter with age !!!
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I found this taped inside my diary from 1982 - it looks older than that !! Actually its from an article in Dolly - May 1980.
Above and below - found these in my old diaries - they are covered in tape and contact - hence the quality !!!!  both seem to be from about 1980/81.
Tom Burlinson
Pictures Galore
New Pics Added July 2004
New Pics Added July 2004
April 1988
Early 1990s
2004 Foxtel Publicity shot.
October 2003