Tom provided his voice for:


20 000 Leagues Under The Sea, Burbank Films.


Kidnapped, Burbank Films.

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Burbank Films.

King Soloman`s Mines, Burbank Films.


Recorded the voice of Sinatra for the mini-series of the same name for Warner Bros.


Recorded the voice of Sinatra for the Dennis Hopper movie The Night We Called It A Day.


The Man From Snowy River

Tom's Character's Name - Jim Craig
Produced by Michael Edgely Int.
Directed by George Miller
Also starred Kirk Douglas in dual roles, Sigrid Thornton, Terence Donovan, Lorraine Bayly

Based on the poem of the same name, by Andrew Barton "Banjo" Patterson.
After his father's death, young Jim Craig leaves his home in the Snowy River valley to work for a wealthy landlord, Harrison, who happens to be the estranged brother of Jim's mentor Spur, a grizzled old prospector. While fighting to earn his spurs by breaking a herd of wild horses, Jim falls in love with his employer's gutsy daughter Jessica.


Phar Lap

Tom's Character's Name - Tommy Woodcock
Produced by Phar Lap Productions.
Directed by Simon Wincer
Also starred Ron Leibman, Judy Morris, Martin Vaughan

The true story about a horse named Phar Lap, who went from being a sickly colt to a top race horse. The horse's relationship with jockey/strapper Tommy lead him to win over 30 races in 3 years . Adding to the mystique of Phar Lap is his strange death, which occurred under mysterious circumstances after winning a race in the USA.


Flesh And Blood   AKA "The Rose and the Sword."

Tom's Character's Name - Steven Arnolfini
Produced by Orion Pictures
Directed by Paul Verhoeven
Cinematography by Jan de Bont
Also Starred - Rutger Hauer, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jack Thompson

Set in medieval Europe when valiant knights battle for love and honor, this is the adventurous story of two men - a mercenary soldier and the son of a feudal lord - and their love for the same woman.
Cleverly-plotted and well-crafted, Flesh and Blood is suspenseful adventure which takes place at the outset of the Renaissance, the story concerns a band of mercenaries and their leader, Martin (Hauer) who are employed by baron named Arnolfini to lay siege to a city, being promised a share in the spoils. Once done with them however, Arnolfini banishes Martin's gang with no reward. In retaliation, the gang kidnaps Arnolfini's daughter in law to be, Agnes (Leigh) and set themselves up in a small castle they have overrun. Arnolfini lays siege to the castle with the aid of Agnes' fiance Steven, but in the midst of their fighting, a deadly plague descends on the characters.


Tom's Character's Name - PC Simpson
Produced by Barron Films
Directed by Vincent Monton
Also Starred Nicole Kidman, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell, Jill Perrymen.

This is a youth-oriented romantic drama about the relationship of a champion windsurfer and a rock singer. Enhanced by impressive sequences of surfboard derring-do and the exotic scenery of Perth, Western Australia (as well as the first adult role for Nicole Kidman), this film has plenty to keep young audiences entertained. P.C. Simpson lives in a magnificent beachfront home, works with his wealthy father and indulges his passion for windsurfing on a daily basis. His father may fault him for not concentrating on his day job, but he can appreciate his son's remarkable abilities on the waves. Jade (Kidman) is a rock singer who starts an romance with the surfer, but just as it seems his life could not get better, several setbacks occur that threaten a wipeout.
Making Waves was the production title. Filming was completed on November 9, 1985.


Time Guardian 

Tom's Character's Name - Ballard
Produced by Jen-Diki Productions.
Directed by Brian Hannant
Also starred Dean Stockwell, Carrie Fisher  Nikki Coghill

Set in the 24th century, central Australia, due to the unlivable conditions on Earth, a new city is created in a protective dome that can travel to different time periods. But, even with this ability, their enemy, never ceases to track them, bent on destruction.
When a 4039 AD city is threatened by malevolent cyborgs, a group of humans from the city time-travels to a desert in 1988 Australia, hoping to repair damages inflicted by the robotic baddies. It is here that, with the help of a 20th-century geologist, the group attempts to defend themselves and the city against the incoming killer 'borgs.


Return to Snowy River

Tom's Character's Name - Jim Craig
Produced by Snowy II Productions
Directed by Geoff Burrows
Also starred Sigrid Thornton, Brian Dennehy, Nicholas Eadie

After spending some time away from his hometown, Jim Craig, the original man from Snowy River, returns to find Jessica, the love of his life, forced into an unwanted engagement by her overbearing father, Harrison.
Once again, Jim has to prove his mettle to win the girl and save the mountain residents from the rich settlers after the valuable land and horse's.


Piece of Cake

Tom's Character's Name - "Fanny"
Produced by London Weekend Television.
Directed by Ian Toynton
Also starred Neil Dudgeon, Tim Woodward, Jack Mckenzie, Tom Radcliffe, George Anton, Nathaniel Parker, Jeremy Northam.

It's 1939 and the Hornet Squadron, a Royal Air Force group of Spitfires, is being assembled for duty in France. As the men prepare for action they must learn to deal with each other despite personality conflicts and class divisions. An excellent miniseries covering the early months of World War II and the Battle of Britain, featuring painstakinly accurate aerial battles and complex character development. Based on the novel by Derek Robinson.

Tom - second from left.

Kootenai Brown AKA Slowdown at Williams Creek

Tom's Character's Name - John George 'Kootenai' Brown
Produced by Canadian Productions and Face To Face Films Inc.
Directed by Allan Kroeker
Also Starred Raymond Burr, Donnelly Rhodes

Based on a true story, Showdown at Williams Creek is about a British soldier named John Brown, who moves to America's Wild West, settling in the Montana territory with the hopes of making a fortune in 1870. Brown welcomes the friendship of Eben "McTooth" Campbell, a prospector with abundant convincing charm who never hesitates to cheat and rob in order to make his fortune. Brown is driven to the brink of madness and to murder.  Things don't go entirely as planned in America, as he has to survive not only nature, but a vast array of thieves, cheats, and schemers. The culmination of his misadventures is when Brown is put on trial for killing an old man. Brown is surrounded by a fascinating tale of survival, treachery and passion in his defense.  Boasting several terrific performances it is one of the darkest examinations of the Old West and the gold rush to be told on film.



Tom's Character's Name - Howard
Produced by Jadran Films
Directed by Jean- Claude Lord
Also starred Melody Anderson, Ken James,
William Colgate, Lloyd Bochner, Joanna Cassidy,
Anthony Edwards, Ronald Lacey

An amnesia victim's search for his identity leads to a hotbed of corruption and into battle with a ruthless land baron who holds the key to the past...and the future.
Ten years ago, a mysterious car crash killed three people and wiped out geologist Bob Boyd's (Anthony Edwards) memory.  Now he's back at the scene of the "accident" looking for answers.  Was he a hired killed or an innocent victim of circumstance ?
The Matterson family knows, but they'll do anything to keep Bob and his new girlfriend from uncovering the secrets of the past or revealing a new, even deadlier conspiracy.  Now every question Bob asks can get him hurt, or killed.  And every second brings him closer to being buried alive in Landslide.

The Way To Dusty Death

Tom's Character's Name - Ike Jethou 
Produced by Delux Productions Luxembourg
Directed by Geoffrey Reeve
Writing credits - Alistair MacLean (novel)
Also starred Linda Hamilton, Simon MacCorkindale, Christopher Cazenove, Serena Scott-Thomas

A thriller from the dangerous world of racesport.  Mysterious deaths surround the race track industry.

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