13 June 2010: Filming is underway in Melbourne on the new film The Cup, the story of jockey Damien Oliver's Melbourne Cup win just days after the death of his brother in another race. Tom is starring as race manager Dave Phillips.

8 May 2010:  Queensland fans should head to the Noosa Longweekend Festival from June 18 - 27 where Tom will be performing his fantastic "Frank - A Life In Song" concerts. More info here.

27 March 2010:  Exciting news for Tom fans !!! Windrider has finally been released on DVD. Fantastic !! It includes extras like
Audio Commentary with Director Vince Monton and writer Everett De Roche
Nicole Kidman Music Promo
Young Thing Music Promo
Extended Bedroom Scene
Wind Surfing Promo
Script, Cast Bios/Press Kit and Press Clippings PDFs
Stills Gallery
Theatrical Trailer

Overseas fans - these online stores will mail to you:
Devoted DVD

11 October 2009:  Tom fans have some great opportunities to see Tom performing live in the near future.:
Frank - A Life in Song:
Venue: Civic Theatre Newcastle, NSW
Date: Sat 07 Nov 2009 8:00PM 
Tickets: $78 at ticketek.com.au
Venue: Civic Cabaret @ Civic Hotel cnr Pitt & Goulburn Sts Sydney.
Performance dates: November 18 - 19, 25 - 26
Tickets: $115 includes 2 course meal together with live show. Purchase from ticketek.com.au
More info at www.civichotel.com.au

15 May 2009: The acting community lost a beloved member today. Charles "Bud" Tingwell was the actors actor and the gentlemans gentleman. He co starred with Tom in the movie Windride and directed Tom back in the old Cop Shop days. A man of his talent and dignity will be much missed.

21 September 2008:  The webmistress is currently selling off the doubles in her Tom collection of memorabillia. Ebay fees are too expensive these days so I have listed the items on the FAN FORUM. Feel free to check out the list. You may also advertise your own items (Tom related only) for sale or swap there. 

13 April 2007:  Check the NEWS page for info on Tom performing Frank - A life in Song at the Sydney Opera House in April. And watch ch7 - the new season of Australia's Got Talent - featuring Tom as a judge - is coming soon.

1 July 2007:  Congratulations to Tom and Mandy on the June birth of baby girl Ricky.
Auditions have begum for the second season of Australia's Got Talent and once again Tom will be on the judging panel.

18 February 2007: Thanks to everyone who provided answers on the screen resolution poll. Its clear that the majority of computer users have upgraded over the years from the old 800 screen resolution. As a result - its time to rebuild the site to suit a new bigger resolution !! Stay tuned. I am building it in the background and will release the pages as they are completed. If you see graphics being replaced with little red stars - never fear - they will all be back soon.

14 February 2007: Happy birthday Tom. February see's the return of Tom to our TV screens ! Yeay !! He has been selected as Judge Number 3 along side singers Danni Minogue and Red Symons in the newest talent show to hit our screens. Australia's Got Talent will air its debut episode on Sunday 18 Feb 2007 on Channel 7 at 6.30pm. I havent built a page for it yet so in the meantime any news articles about the show are on the Fan Forum. I hope to be able to put some video clips from the show up on the site soon. Give me a couple of weeks !!!
Excerpt from one news article 
"At 6.30pm, Nine is hoping its recent news dominance will lead viewers into a repeat of the Bert Newton-hosted 20 To 1, while Seven is banking on Tom Burlinson's return to television to lure audiences.
Burlinson said the program heralded the return of "real variety" to our screens. "While there are other programs like Australia's Got Talent, this has a different spin to it. It's true variety on TV again," he said. "I'm expecting some acts that are wonderful, many that are weird and some that will be woeful."

11 December 2006: There have been shocking bushfires in Victoria for the past week or so and today a tourism landmark was lost.
Craigs Hut - Jims mountain top home in the two Man From Snowy River films - was totally destroyed after being engulfed by flames today.
It broke my heart to watch such an iconic building burning on tonights news. The town of Mansfield - where much of the films locations were - is under high alert tonight.

1 October 2006: Melbourne fans can see Tom performing in Frank at the Crown Casino this month. Tickets can be purchased at www.ticketek.com.au
Fans of Tom's TV peformances can now purchase the DVD of Melba at Chaos.com

22 July 2006: I am happy to report that the domain tomburlinson.info is back under my ownership. Hooray ! Sorry to those who have not been able to access the site in recent months. All should be well now.
Today I have been rebuilding the Travel page - into a set of travel pages !! I have been glad to hear feedback from so many of you who have used the information on the Travel Page to plan holidays downunder. I hope you enjoy the Travel Pages new look and feel.

28 June 2006: Sadly I am still in discussions (not so polite ones) with my service provider. They delayed my domain transfer for so long (and charged me twice) that another one of those "domain snatching" sites has now stolen tomburlinson.info. I am very upset about this as I have owned the domain for quite a few years. I have emailed the new name provider and basically begged them to sell it back to me. So lets see how it goes. If I fail I will have to buy a new domain name and change the title of every single page on this site. Part of this mess up also means that the special email addresses webmistress@tomburlinson.info and info@tomburlinson.info - are not being forwarded correctly to me - so dont use them !  Use tomburlinsonfansite@yahoo.com.au

17 June 2006: I am sorry if you have been unable to access the site via tomburlinson.info. I have just found out that my service provider stuffed up my domain transfer IN MAY ! So the domain name has not been working since then. I have lodged a complaint and hopefully it will be back to normal next week. If you ever have problems using tomburlinson.info - just use tomburlinson.homestead.com instead. And please let me know via the guest book or the fan forum if you have problems accessing the site.

Fans who dont yet have a copy of the FRANK - A LIFE IN SONG dvd - are missing out on a marvellous viewing experience. Visit ezydvd.com.au or middle8.com to order your copy NOW !!!!!!

13 May 2006: Aussies don't forget to set your recorders for Spicks and Specks this week (8.30pm ABC Wednesday). Tom is one of the contestants and it should be a fun show.

I am thinking of changing the sites resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768. I have popped a little survey poll further below. Please click on the poll and vote. It will help me make a decision.

April 16 2006: I created some funky wallpapers for fans to download. Click on the Interactive link and choose your favourite background for your computer.
The legendary Rolf Harris has just released an album of standards, with some help from some special guest stars - including Tom. Visit Rolf's website for more info. 

March 26 2006:  I have updated the NEWS page with booking details for the new incarnation of Frank. BOOK NOW for Sydney shows !

February 25 2006:  Tom celebrated his 50th birthday this month (HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!) and is recovering from a surfing accident that resulted in a broken leg (oops!) - hope it heals well and soon.

Great news to hear that Sydneysiders will be treated to a new version of "Frank- More from a Life in Song" at Star City in May 2006. (Booking details will be added to the News page.

The rest of us can look forward to the long awaited DVD from the "Frank - A Life in Song" shows that were filmed in 2003. (More info will be on the News page as it comes to hand).

For fans that have been visiting and contributing to the Yahoo Group - I will be closing the group down due to the amount of tacky spam that it attracts. Never fear !! I have built a brand new home for everyone to hang out in and chat about Tom and his career. Click on the new link on the right and it will take you to our new Fan Forum. Enjoy :) A new addition to the fan forum is a chat room for fans to talk to each other live in.

November 13 2005: Visit the News or Links pages for information on how to buy a stunning cd High Country Life, featuring stories by the Lovick family and their life in the mountains. The cover features a gorgeous photo of Charlie riding Denny, taken about 30 years ago.

October 31 2005: Sadly the Sydney season of The Producers ended last night. Once again a show has not been able to live up to previous citys seasons in Sydney. We Will Rock You was the same - sell out shows in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane - but closed early in Sydney. Are Sydneysiders too poor from those horrendous mortgages that they cant afford a great night out at the theatre ? I am so glad I was able to go over and see Producers in Sydney - now that it looks like it wont ever come to Perth.
I wont pretend to understand how the theatre world works - but surely a 10 week sell out season in EVERY city is better than 4 months of not so sold out shows in the one city ?? There are cities like Adelaide and Perth that STARVE for entertainment - yet time and time again shows will only open in Sydney and Melb and then they close because Sydneysiders cant afford to maintain an audience. Bring the culture to the other cities PLEASE.  Have added some articles to the MSN Board.

October 29 2005: If you start seeing red stars instead of pics etc in the next few months - dont panic !! I am just in the middle of a rebuild and all will be well again soon.

October 22 2005:  Phar Lap was released on Oct 20th as a double DVD with some incredible extras. The Snowy films have been released as a special collectors set too. Click on the NEWS button for more info.

I have been alerted (thanks Elena) to the fact that a spammer has stolen the tomburlinsonfansite email address. I just wanted to let you all know that the only genuine emails that I send using the name tomburlinsonfansite  will have yahoo.com.au or hotmail.com after that name. Any emails from address's other than those two are spam and could contain virii - please delete them as soon as you see them.

July 16 2005: Tom has sadly been overlooked in this years Helpmann Award nominations, but great to see other cast and crew have recieved an amazing 12 nominations.

June 25 2005:  I have added a few more links to external sites with interviews and transcripts regarding the Cattlemens fight to retain grazing rights. Click on the Rally button to access them. I am also rebuilding The Producers page to include new reviews and pics. Check again real soon. And dont forget to go and see Tom in the show - its one of the funniest productions I have ever seen and Tom is just brilliant in the role of Leo Bloom. So get to Sydney to see it NOW !!!

June 11 2005: I have added more news articles and photos from the Cattlemen Rally last Thursday. Tom lead the rally alongside Charlie Lovick and then addressed the crowd at Parliament House. Check out the photos by clicking on the blue rally button above.

June 4 2005:  I have just returned from Sydney where I saw Tom star in The Producers and had the pleasure of meeting him. During our meeting he mentioned his feelings on the Victorian Government and the recent decision to ban cattle from the Snowy Mountains - killing a 170 year old tradition. There will be a huge rally in the streets of Melbourne on the 9th of June by the Snowy Mountain Cattlemen. Show your support and be there. I have built a webpage HERE to provide you with the full story - and opinions both for and against the decision. SPREAD THE WORD.
Over the next week or two I will add the Sydney reviews from The Producers.

March 26 2005:  The FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) page has been updated to add info regarding the many questions I get regarding different versions of DVDs and videos systems around the world. Please visit the FAQ's page to see if your question has already been covered before going to the guest books.

March 25 2005:  Loads of articles and reviews on The Producers have been uploaded to the MSN Group. Click on the MSN link on the left to have a read. Lots of photos will be added to my Producers page in the next week or so.

March 13 2005:  I have updated the TRAVEL page with details of where to see and stay in Sydney when The Producers opens in May. Meanwhile Brissy folk can see the show at their Lyric Theatre from 19 March 2005 to 30 April 2005. More info on the LATEST NEWS page.

February 19 2005:  Tom and the rest of the cast of The Producers move up to Brisbane for a theatre run starting 13 March 2005, before previews start in Sydney on 15 May 2005. Theatre and booking details are on the LATEST NEWS page.

January 25 2005:  Australia morns the loss today of the exceptionally talented opera singer June Bronhill, Tom's co star in the musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  She died aged 75. I had the pleasure of seeing her in the comedy stage version of Pirates of Penzanze in 1984. A great loss to the music and comedy world. Article here.

January 15 2005:  Happy New Year Tom fans.  I have added info to the NEWS page on when The Producers is playing in Brisbane and Sydney. Hope you have the chance to see Tom in this brilliant production in 2005.

Just making a few changes to the look of the site. A few people had commented that they found the previous link writing hard to read over the black and white banner - so I have created proper link buttons on each side of the banner to help you navigate your way around the site. Am trying to give the whole site a uniform feel.  A few more changes to come in the near future.

August 28 2004:  Info on Tom and The Producers moving to Brisbane and Sydney in 2005 will be added to the NEWS page as it arrives.  Time to start saving for tickets !

August 12 2004:  FINALLY !!  Its time to launch the TRAVEL section of this website.  I have been working on it for a few months now and will continue to add to it over time. Basically I have put it together to be a guide for any Tom fans planning a trip to Australia.  Things to see and do and how to get there, locations related to Tom's career etc.  On the montage above you will see the new Travel link in the below right corner.

July 31 2004:  The Time Guardian has been released on multiregion DVD in Australia, click on the NEWS link for more info.

July 17 2004:  I currently have some spare copies of The Man From Snowy River & Windrider on DVD and VHS for sale on eBay. Click on the LINKS link above and scroll down to my eBay shop for further details.

June 6 2004:  If you scroll down on the left you will see I have built a new page called INTERACTIVE.  This is where you - Tom's fans - can get creative.  I would love to see the pictures you have drawn of Tom, or some whizz bang digitally manipulated pics.  I would love to read your poems, storys or fanfic as it relates to Tom or his movies.  You can also download avatars and buttons etc from the INTERACTIVE zone.  Enjoy.

May 23 2004:  Aussies look out for the August 5 2004 DVD release of The Man From Snowy River 2. Preorder at ezydvd. 

April 29 2004:  New Producers review added HERE

April 25 2004:  I decided it was time for a spring clean.  Hope you like the new look.  All the links to the other pages are on the above pic and you can see two new buttons for 'FAQs' and 'Travel'.  These pages are nearly complete and will be linked in the next week or so.  

'FAQs' will contain all the many similar questions I get asked via email so check here first to see if your question has already been answered.  

'Travel' is an exciting project I have been working on for a while.  It is full of suggestions and links for anyone who wants to come to Australia and see locations related to Tom's movies.

Fans now have a 'Zonewhich is where links to the guestbooks, the Yahoo Group and the MSN Group forums can be found.

April 23 2004:  On the new Aussie release of the Snowy DVD there is a great special on the making of the DVD by Geoff Burrows & he mentions making the Snowy 2 dvd quite a lot - including the fact that he has re-edited the Jim & Jessica WEDDING scene that was cut out at the last minute before the film was released & he has regretted it ever since.  
The entire movie and soundtrack has been digitally remastered into widescreen so its back to being the original way it was released in the cinemas over 20 years ago.  The other extras include some gorgeous still photos and a reading of the poem over excerpts of the film and its so well done that I had tears in my eyes reading it !!
I really would have loved a George/Tom/Sigrid commentary and some "making of" extra's.  Maybe one day ????
Aussie's if you havent bought this yet IT IS A MUST HAVE !
If you have it and want to do a review - feel free to do a write up in the Yahoo forum.

April 18 2004:  Well it sounds like opening night was a big smash.  I have put the reviews & photos from various papers in the MSN Group and have put a select few & some pics HERE.

April 17 2004:  I wish I was in Melbourne for tonights big event but instead I am home in Perth.  Oh well !  I have added a great page with a fresh article on Tom here with a pic of him in character.

April 16 2004:  BREAK A LEG Tom and cast members - tomorrow is opening night of The Producers.  Don't forget to sign up to the MSN Group to discuss the show.

Mar 22 2004:  Some gentle prompting from regular site visitors has reminded me to update the site with current info on the DVD and Soundtrack releases of The Night We Called It A Day.  Click on the MUSIC link for all the latest info.

Mar 20 2004:  Fabulous news for Aussie fans.  Finally the DVD release we have all been waiting for !  A 2 Disc package is due for release in April for The Man From Snowy River. Click on the NEWS button for further info.

Mar 13 2004:  Well just a few weeks until The Producers opens in Melbourne.  I have created an MSN Group for fans of the musical to meet and discuss the show.  Feel free to upload magazine articles or newspaper reviews.  As I am not in Melbourne I may miss spotting publicity and reviews in the papers.  Enter your email in the box provided to join the group.


Nov 26 2003:  THE PRODUCERS ON SALE NOW !!!  Tickets went on sale this week for the show which opens in April next year.  Go to www.ticketmaster7.com.au or www.showbiz.com.au for tickets. Mel Brooks has been on ACA and Rove this week promoting the show in a big way.  If anyone needs info on the theatre or Melbourne itself please check the posts on the Yahoo Forum as I have listed lots of details.
FRANK CD AVAILABLE AGAIN: After several years of being unavailable Frank - A Life In Song has been reissued and is available here www.middle8.com 

Sept 24 2003:  Only a couple of weeks left for people to see Frank - A Life in Song at Star City in Sydney - the season ends on October 5th 2003.  Then lucky Melbournites can see the show at Melbournes Crown Showroom from 22nd October 2003 to 9th November 2003.  Try showbiz.com.au for great stay and see packages.
Tom appeared on the Today show this month promoting The Producers.  He will star as Leo Bloom along with a great cast featuring Reg Livermore, Bert Newton, Tony Sheldon, Chloe Dallimore and Grand Piro.  The Producers will be on at Melbournes Princess Theatre from 17th April 2004 to 24th October 2004..  See showbiz.com.au for ticket packages.

June 7 2003:  Looking forward to hearing from people who have been to the Star City season of Frank - A Life In Song this  week.  Hope you all saw Tom singing on ABC's The Fat last week - it was a great performance. 
And something else for us all to look forward to is Tom hopefully starring in the Australian production of the hit comedy musical by Mel Brooks The Producers starting in Melbourne in April 2004.

May 18 2003:  Click on the Current News button for info on Tom's latest performances in Frank - A Life In Song, playing in Sydney this month.

Mar 26 2003:  I was so happy to check the site today and find the counter had reached the 10,000 mark.  Thank you all so much for visiting.  I really do appreciate it and all the feedback I recieve each day in the guestbook and emails.

Jan 10 2003:  Happy New Year Tom fans.  My apologies for the lack of updates lately.  I am in the midst of learning how to build sites with a different program and its taking longer than I anticipated.  I promise it will mean a much better and faster loading site for you all to enjoy.  
COMING VERY SOON: A Fan Page featuring photos & reviews from Canadian and American fans who enjoyed "Frank".
BRISBANE fans - dont forget to book tiks to see "Frank A Life in Song" at the Lyric Theatre from Feb 18.  See the NEWS page.

July 26th 2002:  Hi Tom Fans - due to a problem with my computer - ie it died and had to be replaced - I have lost all my emails and address book.  If you were on my email update list (or if you weren't but would like to be) please email me so I can create a new list.  Also looking for reviews from anyone who has seen the shows in Toronto so far.

June 16th 2002:  Head straight to the NEWS page for info on two exciting projects.  One is Tom's impending tour with Frank A Life In Song in Toronto Canada.  The other is the Aussie tour of The Man From Snowy River Arena Spectacular.  NEWS

April 27th 2002:  Keep your eyes and ears open for the up and coming DVD release of The Man From Snowy River.  The US release is May.  No confirmation yet on the Aussie release. 

December 1st 2001:  A new autograph, thanks to Helen who surprised me with it today !!  Here.

September 29th 2001:  Some success - I have been trying to learn how to put some music on some pages.  Visit the TV Page and Snowy Pics page and tell me what you think !!!  

September 28th 2001:  Note the new name !  Tom very generously gave me permission to be the official fan site.  Thanks Tom !!  Tom also found some errors here and there on various pages so I have been busy correcting them.  I can safely say it's now an extremely up to date site !

May 2001:  Construction began on a site dedicated to a long time favourite actor of mine - Tom Burlinson.
1 Sep 2010: New dates for Now We're Swinging - 
++ The Palms at Crown, SOUTHBANK VIC 5 November. Bookings.

3 August 2010:  More dates have been added to the Now We're Swinging tour.
++ TWIN TOWNS SERVICES CLUB features 16 piece big band
Friday 6 August Tickets $47.00 Showtime: 8:30pm Book: www.twintowns.com.au
1800 014 014
++ ROOTY HILL RSL features 16 piece big band
Saturday 14 August Tickets $40.00 Showtime: 8.00pm Book: 02 9625 5500
Saturday 4 September Book: 02 9722 9888
Saturday 11 September www.southsjuniors.org.au Book: 02 9349 7555
Saturday 25 September Book: www.deewhyrsl.com
Saturday 16 October Book: www.smithfieldrsl.com.au Phone (02) 9604 4411
Saturday October 30 Book: www.hornsbyrsl.com.au
Saturday November 6 Book: www.workersclub.com.au Phone: (02) 98300600 


In addition you can also see Tom when he is joined by Bert Newton, Matt Lee, Lucy Durack, Rhonda Burchmore, Amanda Harrison, Rachael Beck and cast members from Mary Poppins and Wicked at the Rob Guest Endowment Concert. October 4, More info at Her Majesty's Theatre.

23 June 2010:  I have fixed the guest book function on the fan forum - didnt realise it wasnt automatically visible to people - sorry bout that!!

Something for NSW fans to look forward to:

Presenting Australian star of screen and stage, Tom Burlinson, in his latest musical production, NOW WE’RE SWINGIN’ - a sensational, swinging salute to the masters of the genre.

Tom has delved even deeper into the Great American Song Book to create Now We’re Swingin’, a montage of swing classics by Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra, through to the songs made famous by supercool swingers of the current era - Harry Connick Jr, Michael Bublé and Robbie Williams.
Tom’s show includes the greatest songs from the era of swing, and the ones for which the individual singers became best known.

Saturday 14th August Tivoli Showroom Rooty Hill RSL. Bookings link.
Saturday 11th September 7pm & 9:30pm Tickets: $25 Members & Visitors South Sydney Junior Rugby League Club  Bookings Link
22 December 2010: Theatre fans can see Tom co starring in a play called Snow On Mars at the Seymour Centre, cnr City Rd and Cleveland St, Chippendale NSW. January 7-16, $24-$36,  Bookings 1300 688 812. Articles and reviews are currently stored in the guestbook/Fan Forum while I am rebuilding the website.
Tom as real life Aussie astronaut Andy Thomas in Snow on Mars
22 Dec 2010: New dates for Now We're Swinging have been released. All event info (along with some great videos) can now be found by clicking on the Facebook "like" button above - or HERE Dont forget to RSVP on the facebook event and spread the word by "liking" the page and sharing the events. 

Jan 29 Cronulla Sharks Leagues Club NSW
Feb 12 7:30 pm - Penrith Panthers, Evans Theatre 
Feb 18 8:00pm - Tamworth Capitol Theatre
Feb 19 8:00pm - The Cube Convention & Entertainment Centre, Campbelltown 
Feb 26 8:00pm - Club Forster, Forster, NSW
Mar 5 8:30pm - Castle Hill RSL
Mar 12 8:00pm - North Sydney Leagues Club
Mar 16 11:00am - Shoalhaven Ent Centre, Bridge Road Nowra 
Mar 19 8:00 pm - Vikings Canberra
Mar 26 - Wenty Leagues Wentworthville Sydney
Apr 2 - Belmont 16Ft Sailing Club NSW
Apr 8 - Commercial Club Albury NSW
Apr 30 - Laycock Street Theatre North Gosford NSW
May 6 - Launceston Country Club Casino Tasmania
May 7 - Hobart Wrest Point Casino Tasmania
May 14 - 8pm - Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre
May 15 - 2pm - Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre
June 3 - Ipswich Theatre QLD
June 4 - Empire Theatre Toowoomba QLD 
June 11 - Bathurst Theatre NSW
June 18 - Sutherland Entertainment Centre NSW
July 1 - Kedron Wavell Services Club QLD
July 2 - Twin Towns Services Club Tweed Heads NSW
July 7 · 8:00pm - Goldfields Art Centre, Cheetham Street, Kalgoorlie 
July 8 · 8:00pm - Esperance Civic Centre, Council Place, Esperance
July 12 · 8:00pm - Friends Restaurant, Hyatt Complex 20 Terrace Street, Perth
July 13 · 8:00pm - Friends Restaurant, Hyatt Complex 20 Terrace Road Perth 
July 22 - Mingara Recreation Club Mingara Drive Tumbi Umbi NSW Central Coast
July 23 - Royal Motor Yacht Club Newport NSW
July 30 - Club Central Menai NSW
Aug 6 - Dee Why RSL NSW
Aug 20 - Bankstown Sports Club NSW
Aug 27 - Liverpool Catholic Club NSW
Sep 23 · 8:00pm - Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre Burns Way & Tarcutta Street
Sep 24 - 8:00pm - Orange Civic Theatre, Orange

6 May 2010: I hope fans around Aus have been making their way to the Now We're Swinging shows !! I cant wait for them to get to Perth. Feel free to leave reviews on the fan forum or the facebook page - links above.
Tom's own website TomBurlinson.com.au has had a total renovation and looks very swish - check it out. The multi media section gives you a chance to hear his songs before you see him live !!!