Articles.  Snowy River and Phar Lap years.
Suddenly I realised I should have spent more time in typing class instead of wagging school on Wednesday afternoons to go to the movies !!  Typing these articles got the better of me.  I have scanned them instead - there are quite a few here so please be patient while they load.
The Western Mail, TV Guide.  May 1982
October 1982.

Please excuse the fact
that this has had the word
Tom and his picture cut out !!
Womans Weekly.  November 1982.  Page 1
Womans Weekly. November 1982.  Page 2.
The Western Mail
TV Guide
Late 1982
Page 1
Page 2
TV WEEK.  January 1983
TV WEEK.  March 1983
Unknown magazine.  Probably mid 1983.
Perth Newspaper, not sure which one.  August 15 1983.
TV WEEK.  August 1983.
Dolly Magazine. October 1983.

page 1

This one is impossible to read !  I will sit and type it out for you !!!!
Dolly Magazine
October 1983.

Page 2