Tom and many other Australian and New Zealanders studied at The National Institute of Dramatic Arts - NIDA.  Check out the graduate lists and see who went on to become legends.
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John Waters is another of my favourite Aussie performers.  Like Tom, John's career skyrocketed after starring opposite Sigrid Thornton !!  Tom and John have many career parallels. 
They have both excelled in TV, Stage and Film and they both have a one man show.  John's is Looking Through A Glass Onion - the life of John Lennon.  Click on John (right) to go to the website I have built on his career.
The very talented Sigrid Thornton.  Visit her official site.
Visit Robbie's Snowy River Pages. 
He has loads of quotes from both movies.
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High Country Life.
Melissa Kenihan has captured the essence of the high country and has made a priceless record of some of the important events in the evolution of the Lovick family and life in the high country. Click on the CD (featuring Charlie and Denny) for the story and purchasing details.