Got a question about Tom, his work, international dvd's and videos versions etc etc ? Check this list and see if it has already been asked.
Did Denny really die during The Man From Snowy River sequel ?  No. Denny was owned by the Lovick family in Mansfield, Victoria, and he died aged 29 in 1999 after a long happy life.

Did Tom do his own stunts in the Snowy River movies ?  Tom had a stunt man on shoot but did the majority of the stunts himself.

Did Tom know how to ride before the Snowy movies ?  Tom was taught to ride by Charlie Lovick for the Snowy movies.

Was the famous cliff jump and ride real or "movie magic" ?  The ride was very real. No trickery involved.  Tom did the ride several times for practice and for camera angles.

Did Tom and Sigrid get married in real life ? No. Tom is married to dancer Mandy Carnie. Sigrid is married to Tom Burstall.

Where can I get an outback hat like Jim Craig's ?  The hats are called Akubra's and you can buy the Snowy River style on their website. See the link on the TRAVEL page.

Where can I get the Australian coats featured in the Snowy River movies ?  The coats are called Drizabones - as in Dry As A Bone. There is a link to their site on my TRAVEL page.

Can you provide me with posters/photos/autographs ?  Like the rest of you I am a collector of Tom memorabillia. I dont give away or sell my collection and after 23 years of collecting it all - I am not likely to.  I recommend places like Ebay if you are trying to source photos etc.

Can you give me Toms home or email address ?  Sorry, no.

How do I know if the autographed photo I want to buy on eBay is a genuine autograph ? I notice many items on eBay that are supposedly Toms signature. Some are so different to his normal autograph that they absolutley have to be fakes. If you go to my Pictures page and click on Autographs you will see a few items Tom has signed for me over the years - you can compare the signatures there with the item you are looking at on eBay.

Should I buy Tom's video's on eBay ?  Yes you can but you should be aware that those that are advertised as "New" - are most likely very inferior copies. Windrider, Time Guardian, and Phar Lap have not had video releases since the 80s so anything being advertised as "new" now is definately not new. If they are listed as "ex rental" they are more likely genuine but obviously will have wear and tear so its a lucky dip as to whether you get a tape in good condition.

Whats the difference between Australian and American DVD's ?  With regards to The Man From Snowy River and Return To Snowy River - the DVD releases in America are basic direct copies of the video. They have no special extras. The Australian versions are copied from the original film print and have had the footage and sound digitally restored, and have lots of special extras and deleted scenes restored.

Can I play Australian CD's in my CD player in my country ? Yes you can - cd's and cd players are identical around the world. For CD players - the only difference is the plug on the power cord. So that just means you cant plug an American cd player into an Australian or UK power socket. But you can indeed play an actual cd in any player in the world.

Can I play Australian video's in my VCR in my country ? There are different VCR systems.  The US uses NTSC, Australia and Europe use PAL.  I am not sure what Asia and Canada use but when I find out I will update this page. The actual video tapes are the same size so you can fit them in your VCR - but they will only play if you have a compatible VCR. Mine is a Phillips and it can play both PAL and NTSC however the NTSC generally has bad quality sound and picture. PAL is a far superiour quality. 

Can I play Australian bought DVD's in my DVD player in my country ?  DVD's around the world are sold by Region Codes. Certain regions play in certain countries.  I have added a map below to show the regions.  These days you can buy DVD players that are multi region - which doesnt actually mean they can play all regions - just that they can play more than one.  No matter where you buy your DVD's from - always check to see your DVD player can play that region.